The Body’s Recovery of Spirit: Transforming Life-Stances & Releasing Bound Energy

Most of us live with some degree of bound energy and bodily constriction. Often, this bound up quality can be observed and felt in our bodily postures as well as in embodied life stances (lived comportments toward the world). Once formed, especially as a consequence of early life traumas, our body carries these life stances such that they become fixated, resulting in repetitive patterns of responding. These patterns become the background context, forming our primary identity or felt sense of self . They often go unnoticed, remain invisible as the background or horizon of our living until or when either life situations call for a new way of responding or our inner spirit calls us toward a desire for a freer, more authentic way of living. It is at these points where we can reach an impasse, as the forces desiring or needing change, are met with an equal or sometimes more powerful pull toward stasis and familiarity. This is where  we come upon the limen, i.e. the threshold, the edge of our bound and restricted bodily stances and living energy.

This paper presents a wholebody focusing process event called Threshold Events (TE ), specifically designed to facilitate transformations at this edge of blockage or impasse.

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