Whole Body Focusing and Spirit

Beneath, within, and beyond our conditioned patterns lies an inner wellspring of wisdom and vitality that knows how to unwind our stress and traumas, to move us beyond our stuck places- and transform our whole sense of Self. We call this vital force the body’s spirit, an intelligence that carries an inner knowing of a more right, optimal, enlivened and wholistic way of living. The very symptoms of stress and trauma—and the embodied patterns that keep us from living the fullness of our being—contain the precise information and life energy to move toward their own healing.  

Wholebody Focusing is both a therapeutic and spiritual practice that connects our conscious awareness with the body’s spirit, its natural life-force. As the body comes to life, we let it show us the way, leading us back toward reconnecting with lost places & feelings within and retrieving the treasures held there. The body’s spirit also shows us the way forward, toward new possibilities for living the fullness and wholeness of our soul.- moving toward becoming our True unique Self.