ExpiredWholebody Focusing Retreat (3nd Annual)

Event Phone: 707-315-2370

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT:  3rd annual WBF retreat at Shambhala Ranch with Glenn Fleisch               

Transformational Focusing:
  A Wholebody/Spiritbody integration to recover spirit & restore wholeness

Do you have the patience to wait
Till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
Till the right action arises by itself?

Become totally empty
Quiet the restlessness of the mind
Only then will you witness everything unfolding from emptiness

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow….
Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.
Lao Tzu

Let whatever you do or whatever appears
Just be in its natural state, without premeditation.
That is true freedom. Longchenpa

Rememberance- Rilke

And you wait, keep waiting for that one thing
which would infinitely enrich your life:
the powerful, uniquely uncommon,
the awakening of dormant stones,
depths that would reveal you to yourself….

The summer day- M. Oliver

….Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your own wild and precious life?

Announcing a new Transformational Focusing retreat in a beautiful natural setting to engage in a personal and communal journey of healing and transformation. We will travel together into the deeper regions of our Self, opening our Heart and connecting with the life energy of Spirit. Enjoy the guidance of an experienced Focusing therapist and teacher, who integrates practices from Wholebody Focusing and Spiritbody Focusing- including practices from Taoism and from body-drama work- facilitating an internal alchemy of the wholebody. We will be experiencing and practicing specific tools to transcend our usual awareness into an expanded state of consciousness- and restore our natural embodiment of aliveness and flow.

Most of us yearn for more in life- to feel more whole, alive, open, aware, connected- yet have settled for less- feeling held back by ingrained, habitual patterns- that block or inhibit the free flow of energy and creative expression of self. Yet right within and beneath these patterns lies a realm of vitality and intelligence, the body’s inner lifeforce energy of spirit awaiting our return to be awakened and released.

Transformational Focusing (TF) is an experiential process designed to foster deep change within a safe, shared, sacred communal space. The four stage journey of transformation:  1) uses experiential practices to support the process of re-embodying our wholeness of ; 2) through contacting ingrained survival/protective patterns in our Transformative Theatre to retrieve forgotten or lost aspects of our whole being, allowing us to awaken our larger purpose.

This retreat is an opportunity to learn Transformational Focusing, an approach that enables us to access the wisdom of the Wholebody/ Spiritbody as a guide for living from the wholeness of Being. In this new space, the body’s felt sensing of next steps in our lives naturally awaken and are empowered to open, live further and move us forward.  Transformational Focusing offers a pathway for change- a model for undoing and reworking ingrained patterns. We invite and await the body’s felt sense of next steps- which tend to naturally awaken and move us forward. When we connect to our living body of wholeness, we are bringing conscious awareness to the well-spring of intelligence and energy that works on behalf of the transformation of ourselves and of all beings. As each of us grows forward on our path of further development, we are participating in the healing of each other and the world as a whole.

Join me for a journey into the inner depths of our embodied Wholeness, to access the Body as a Tuning Fork for Spirit, leading to an encounter with the deeper source of our being. Through a balance of inner meditative body sensing, body-energy work and outer expressive/ shared relational processing- including solo Focusing, as well as in dyads and triads, we will co-create a sacred space to allow deep places in our being to awaken and unfold themselves. This is a unique chance to experience the transformative power of Grounded Presence (WB Awareness) to access the inner knowing of our body-wisdom; to release blocked energy patterns; to hold and contain these energies in our alchemical body; to allow parts of ourselves to express themselves; and ultimately to reintegrate into the living body of Wholeness.

Each phase of the process builds resources and develops tools to deepen our journey and awaken life energy to animate areas where our living process has been stopped or impaired. During the Encounter Phase, we will engage the whole group in the “Transformative theater” – a sacred circle in which we can enact a healing process and experience ways in which we are called to participate in the deep healing of each person. Participants will develop intentions for next steps, and have opportunities to play out and live these steps further- with group support and participation. In addition, you will leave with a new embodied stance, symbol, or icon that represents your step- along with specific ways to carry forward in your life. This is a unique opportunity for taking next steps that are difficult to take through harnessing the power of spirit through your living body and the shared body of our sacred community. There will also be ample free time to explore nature, reflect, commune with self and others, and engage in playful activities.

Some possibilities for living further next steps on your transformative journey include:

1) Returning to a difficult scene or situation- replaying in a new, life affirming way

2) Embracing an inner self (e.g. wounded child)- inviting inner feelings to be felt/expressed

3) Re-working old sequences- letting the body complete a sequence/ what needed to happen

4) Letting go of vicarious trauma- releasing something not one’s own

5) Providing a missing or needed experience- using our shared beings to fill in new living

6) Embodying new life-energy- letting the body open itself to aliveness and creative expression

7) Letting a pattern unfold itself- allow to play out with support; retrieve the lifeforce and spirit

Retreat Information:

Where: Shambhala Ranch, Mendocino County, California. See their website: http://www.shambhalaranch.com

When: Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019, dinner through Friday, Oct. 11, 2019, lunch.

Retreat: Sunday, evening- opening; Monday through Thursday, 6 hours retreat time per day, plus evening gatherings; Friday, closing- total of 28 hours. There will be an open afternoon, evening on Thursday, allowing you to travel to one of the nearby state parks, to Mendocino or the Anderson Valley- or just hang out on the beautiful grounds.

Cost: $1125, includes all charges for retreat, lodging, meals & gratuity.

Early Registration:  $ 995 if paid in full prior to September 8th; starting September 9th, full retreat fee. Special super-early discount: $ 925 for returning attendees, if paid by September 8th.

Financial arrangements: If you feel drawn to attend, and finances are a concern, please contact me as soon as possible. We can work out liberal payment arrangements, and other ways to make it possible to come. I am committed to have everyone attend who wishes to do so….

Further discount: Bring someone (not already on the WBF list) for an additional $100 reduction.  Also, space permitting, you may be able to bring someone who is not attending the retreat, but will lodge, share meals and evening activities. Please contact Glenn for details.

How to register: $100 deposit to reserve a spot, payable to Glenn Fleisch, via PayPal or check. Payment in full is requested at least 60 days in advance if possible. PayPal address is: glenn@glennfleisch.com.  Check address is: 922 Centro Way, Mill Valley, CA. 94941.

Cancel policy: $100 deposit is refundable up to 60 days prior to the retreat; Fee for the retreat is fully refundable up to 60 days in advance. ½ fee is refundable up to 30 days in advance. No refunds within 30 days of the start of the retreat.

Lodging: We will have exclusive use of the entire lodge and ranch, including hot tub, pool, hiking grounds, etc. Room selection will be first come, first serve- you will be sent a map of the rooms, and can select whichever room you prefer, and is still available. Most are shared rooms, for two or three people, plus one larger space- with a small number of single rooms. See the website for more specific information on rooms.

Meals: Our amazing caterer Tamara Frey will be returning, who dazzled and nurtured us with her beautifully prepared, healthy meals and loving attention. Meals start with dinner on Sunday, 3 meals/day, Monday through Thursday, and breakfast, lunch on Friday. There will also be snacks, and coffee/tea available at all times. If you have special food needs, please let me know. Tamara can prepare dishes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, etc. And if you have any food allergies, also please let me know so I can pass the information to her. Since Tamara will be staying at the ranch, you can speak with her anytime for any additional requests.

Maximum/ minimum: The maximum number of participants will be 20. Minimum will be 10, so please let me know as soon as possible if you are planning to attend.

Grounds/ surrounding area: The Ranch itself has large grounds, with hiking trails, a ceremony area, hot tub, pool… There is access to a river beach just across the road. And there are two magnificent State Parks within close driving distance: Montgomery Woods State Park is about a 10 minute drive, and contains the largest redwood trees in the world! Van Damme State Park is about a 30 minute drive, and has wonderful fern-lined trails with streams. Mendocino Coast is about 40 minute drive, and the quaint town of Mendocino. The Ranch is also close to Anderson Valley, which has wonderful wineries, scenery, and shops.

Travel: Santa Rosa is the nearest airport, although it is small, and many airlines do not fly there. SFO is the next closest airport. It is about a 3 hour drive from the airport to the Ranch. We will try to arrange car pools or shared Uber rides if possible. And there are also a couple of Airporter buses that can take you into Santa Rosa, or Sonoma County, where you may be able to be picked up, or you can take an Uber or Lyft to the Ranch from there. Directions will be sent

Continuing Ed Units: 25 CE credits are available for Licensed MFTs and LCSWs in California and for Licensed therapists and psychologists elsewhere if applicable. Glenn is a CE provider.

Contact information for Glenn: Email: glennfleisch60@gmail.com; Phone/text: 707-315-2370.

Website: glennfleisch.com- more articles, and a hand-out will be available there.

  • Wholebody Focusing Retreat (3rd Annual)
    October 6, 2019 - October 11, 2019
    5:00 pm - 2:00 pm
We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.
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