Focusing Institute Summer School – WBF Handout

The philosopher David Michael Levin has said that “[The] living body of the spirit…is… the only authentic ‘body of knowledge,’… the body in its ontological wholeness.” Most of us, however, live in a rather narrow and limited embodiment, one that has already been conditioned to restrict or forget the original connectedness, wisdom, beauty and aliveness of the natural body of spirit. When we become disconnected from our original body, we have lost touch with the primal field of energies, vibrancies, openness and aliveness. Instead we. embody various forms of condition patterns and repetitive reactions.

Yet, our living body knows how to retrieve and recover its spirit, the innate life energy, inherent power, force and vitality, that pre-existed trauma and is still implicitly functioning regardless of severity of traumatic events or repetitive patterns. When allowed to do so, through Focusing with our whole body, the living body has the capacity to call us back, a movement toward retrieving, recovering and restoring its natural spirit, the felt sense of our natural body. WBF is thus the process of revitalizing the body, i.e. reawakening it vital energy, life-force in order to give new life to our whole embodied being in the world.

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